Points Tournaments

To earn points for a tournament you must be rostered before the tournament. 

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Point Distribution

3 or less teams

  • Each team receives 20 points

4 to 6 Teams

  • 1st Place 100pts
  • 2nd Place 70pts
  • 3rd-6th Place 20 points

7 to 9 Teams

  • 1st Place 125pts
  • 2nd Place 80pts
  • 3rd/4th Place 50pts
  • 5th-9th Place 20pts

10 or More Teams

  • 1st Place 150pts
  • 2nd Place 110pts
  • 3rd/4th Place 75pts
  • 5th or lower 20pts


 A team's point totals that are posted on this website are based on the tournament results submitted to us from each Points Tournament Director. If the points total that we show for your team does not reflect what you feel is correct, please notify the State Tournament Administrator