Tournament Application

General Information:

Affiliated leagues will be allowed a minimum of 2 dates Non affiliated leagues are limited up to a maximum of 2 dates

Non affiliated sites must pay the $75 once they been approved in order to be posted on the web-site, the 15.00 per team is due upon the receipt of the Hap Dumont Invoice

If you are not granted a tournament your host fee will be refunded

Hosting Requirements:

  1. Must use the NBC approved forms in this packet
  2. Schedules and Brackets must be posted no later than noon the Wednesday prior to your tournament. Points Administrator must have access to those schedules and brackets.
  3. Schedules/Pool Standings must note the NBC number for each team. This will allow coaches/managers to verify that you have their number and that it is correct prior to them playing their first game of the tournament.
  4. After the conclusion of your tournament, your results (place of finish by age) must be posted so the Points Administrator can access them or emailed to the Points Administrator no later than noon of the Wednesday immediately following your tournament. These results must include NBC numbers for those teams that provided them to you as the Points Administrator will award points based on those results. Please insure these results are accurate as the Points Administrator will not allow revisions or changes after they are posted as final or emailed to the Points Administrator.
  5. The Hap Dumont Tournament Director will invoice you after your tournament and payment of that invoice must be made by the due date noted on the invoice.
  6. Failure to follow the above requirements may impact your ability to host future points tournaments.
  7. To apply please email hapdumontbaseball with your dates and information.